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Lumendi was founded in 2014 as a spin out from Cornell University, NY.


Its mission is to:

  • Develop devices which enable minimally invasive gastrointestinal interventions.

  • Manufacture and distribute ESP and follow on products ESP+/FAST

ESP is designed to support GI surgeons and gastroenterologists in their efforts to replace a portion of invasive open or laparoscopic surgeries. It enables safe and cost effective minimally invasive procedures.

Endolumenal Surgical Platform/ Endolumenal Surgical Platform (ESP)

  • ESP is a medical device that increases the capabilities of current endoscopes. It allows more procedures to be performed by minimally invasive surgery. This procedures are done entirely via the lumen of the colon, instead of open or laparoscopic surgeries.

  • ESP is an add on to any commercially available endoscope. It is fully disposable.

  • ESP does not impact the navigation or function of the endoscope.

  • ESP is intuitive to use and will require, when launched, only limited training for the physician.

The set up is easy and fast.

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