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Facial surgery

Improving facial injections through technology

Born from the innovative labs of Augmented Anatomy, ARtery 3D is setting new standards in the medical aesthetics arena.


This groundbreaking technology offers professionals a deep dive into a patient's arterial anatomy through a seamless three-step process:

a mobile face scan, MRI integration, and real-time phone visualization.


By providing a detailed map of the vascular system, ARtery 3D ensures that filler injections are both safer and more precise, dramatically reducing the risk of complications.


But it's not just about safety; it's about elevating the entire patient journey. With minimized pain, reduced bruising, and the assurance of a technologically advanced procedure, patients can approach treatments with confidence. 


Dive into a future where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled patient care:

ARtery 3D
Augmented Anotomy.png

Brochure for Download

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