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Trauma surgery

Hofer Medical Solutions: Osteosynthesis systems for traumatology and orthopedics

Below are a few examples of osteosynthesis systems

INTEOS® Clavicle 3.5

The INTEOS® Clavicle plates reflect latest knowledge behind reposition and stabilization of fractured clavicle bones following proved Hofer Medical Solutions standards of angle-stable & multi-directional connection between plates and screws.


INTEOS® Elbow 3.5

The INTEOS® Elbow-System 3.5 is an innovative plating system designed to primarily address fractures of the distal humerus. The technology allows multi-directional screw positioning up to a total of 50° allowing high intraoperative fixation flexibility. An Aiming device supports optimal screw positioning in the intra condylar area.


INTEOS® Radius 2.5

The new INTEOS® Radius System offers reduced design with continued maximum stability due to minimized screw hole diameters and the curved profile of the shaft component.

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