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Interventional accessories
DiLumen™EZ Glide

DiLumen™ with the new EZGlide coating

DiLumen already offers many advantages in the endoluminal removal of complex polyps in the colon. Now we have also simplified the preparation and handling.

EZGlide is a new hydrophilic coating on the inside of the DiLumen shaft. It is activated with water and makes it much easier to insert and maneuver the endoscope. The use of lubricant is no longer necessary.

2108 Lumendi-system2_with ring saddle & suture loops.jpg

Two balloons fix the endoscope and form a therapeutic zone.

For you, this means more stability and better visibility during the endoluminal removal of complex polyps, even in difficult locations.

More Advantages:

  • Faster access to the lesion

  • Easy return of the endoscope through the DiLumen shaft

  • Wrinkles and flexures can be smoothed out

  • Proven time savings with ESD

Brochure for Download

DiLUmen EZ Glide Folder.png
DiLumen EZ Glide english.png
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